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Pippa poops her white panties

  • Model: Pippa Piddleton
  • Length: 11 minutes
  • Size: 297 MB
  • Format: MP4
  • Resolution: 1280x720

Pippa is in her classic innocent schoolgirl clothes. Naughty ultra-short dark navy blue mini skirt that barely grazes the top of her thighs, allowing her soft white cotton knickers to show at the most embarssing of moments. And a sensible seater on top. With her long straight shiny hair and that cute face, she's a real cute sweety.

But she's in trouble, and it's because she needs to poo. Not just badly, but very badly. We see the predicament in her facial expression, in the way she curtseys and holds herself, and in her anxious voice. She doesn't know what to do. She knows she's going to do a poo in her knickers and she whines like a little girl about it.

Clasping herself, Pippa's accident begins with a dramatic and sudden uncontrolled spurt of piss in her panties. This is the beginning of what is to come. Almost straight away, there's a brown bump in the seat of her panties. The moans that her panties are filling up with poo. ALl she can do is try crouching, bending and standing in different ways, but all Pippa achieves is to continue pooing herself with her messed white panties poking accusingly out from under her too-short skirt.

Pippa gives us a look at the inside of her panties at the back, to show just how messy her bottom has become and to show the firm lump of poop that has caused her predicament. Sincerely and naively, she tries holding her short skirt down tightly to see if her pants-shitting might go unnoticed. It won't.

She plays with her mess, sits right on the floor in her pooped panties - in the puddle she made on the floor - tries standing again, and wonders what to do about her poopy knickers.



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